Q: If you could choose five people to train with on Tumblr, who would they be?


I don’t know what you mean by “train”, so I’ll do two lists.

Lifting: weaponsgradegains coreyliftsworld lifting-ink ironwarriorstraining and quadguyin-china

Martial arts (this is tough): ace-mma strikeblr halfguardaroundtheworld shaped-by-karate and fightsinlipstick

Awesome. Hopefully some day. 😄👍

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Inspiration from the tumblr/budoblr community


Y’all need to come to the Northwest.  I’ll host a tumblr martial arts hook up at Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts (SAMMA).  Forms, sparring, weapons, techniques, and beers afterwards at the brewery across the street.

If somebody pays for my plane ticket and helps me with food and a place to stay, I’m there.

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Decided to separate these, since the other post was too long.

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1. I love games.

2. The Assassin’s Creed series is one of my favorite game series.

3. I am currently hooked on…

Hey I only just noticed this. It’s 4 hours old now.

  1. My family has an accent. We’re unsure of where it came from - there are two or three possibilities - but it’s never gone away. Most people say that it sounds “so familiar” so we just say that it’s Scandinavian, and then they’re like, “Oh yeah!”, like it was right on the tip of their tongue.
  2. I have a considerable dislike for the feel of sweat, even though I workout a lot. I find it to be very uncomfortable and nasty feeling. Exercise and I have an awkward relationship.
  3. As a child I was once bed ridden in a hospital for at least three months (probably more?) and fed through IVs, but I don’t remember why this happened.
  4. The only roller coaster that I’ve been on was a wooden roller coaster. It basically beat me up. I had bruises and was very sore after the ride because there was no padding and the ride was very rough.
  5. I spent two weeks in South Korea. While there I went to Lotte World but I didn’t go on the rides because it was SUPER hot and the lines were so long. I went into the air conditioned theater instead. That’s where I watched Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. It was in English with Korean subtitles.
  6. I basically have a type of retrograde amnesia. It’s kind of funky, but not really a big deal in day-to-day life.
  7. The Korean show Nanta was unquestionably my favorite part of my trip to Korea. I sent them a message once I returned home to tell them how much I enjoyed the show, and one of the performers gave me his phone number! :D Nanta info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanta_(show)
  8. In my first few months of karate, when I had to take off my glasses for the first time, I tried to do a front kick during practice sparring and missed by a country mile because I couldn’t see! This made me fall on my butt.
  9. I enjoy reading and even chose Creative Writing as my minor before I decided to change it to something “more practical”.
  10. I’ll leave this one open. Ya’ll can send an ask for “insert question here”.

Don’t worry, this wasn’t a “do this within the next minute or a dead child is gonna visit you tonight” kind of thing. =p

Very detailed facts, you went all out. Haha, thanks for sharing a little about your life. =]

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If you see this post you must do…






10 sit ups and then reblog and add something to the list if you want.

20 leg raises

This will be painful the longer it goes on.

15 burpees

10 minute horse stance.

2:30 of mountain climbers.

30 push-ups

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